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I use a wood pellet for litter (and or shavings). It is found at Menards and Fleet Farm. It is called Wood Pellet fuel. It is what you use in wood burning stoves. I start them in a “doggie” litter box found at Petsmart and Petco. When they are bigger I use a low-profile under the bed storage Rubbermaid container. The box needs to be shallow and long. I have also used the trays that you put under a washer. You can find them at Menards/Home Depot. They are $15. With multiple piggies they do not last long as the edges seem to crack easily after some time. If you make a frame around it with some 2 x 4’s they will last a lot longer.  I also have 2 huge litter boxes that I made out of cedar and coated the inside and outside with resin. Very expensive but they are pretty to look at.

Your PB is litter trained. However, he/she will be upset by the move, and being with strangers in a strange place. It is best to confine him/her in a small area when you are not at home until he/she knows where the potty box is. The first few weeks can be a struggle with accidents. Some babies do not have any problems, some do. You have to remember that they ARE still babies and will need some time and patience to adjust to their new home and new litter box.

They have been using a litter box from birth (sometimes a struggle for the first few weeks, they get near it but not in it) I assure you they are litter trained! To help your PB to not slip in his/her litter box; get the little adhesive non-skid “thingys” that you put on the bottom of your bath tub! Or you can use a rubber mat. Some Home stores sell rubber mats off of a roll, just give them the length and they cut it for you.

Sometimes your PB will “over-shoot” their litter box. PLEASE do not reprimand them for this. They tried! I used to use a rubber mat under my boxes. I found it in the flooring section at Menards by the “stair protector“ runners. It is on a roll and you can have them measure and cut how much you need. It is nice and easy to clean and sanitize. I DO NOT recommend putting plastic garbage bags or plastic sheeting under the litter boxes. PB’s love to “kill” plastic bags.

I do not use any mats in or outside of the boxes. However, when babies go to their new homes some are fussy and will not use the box if they slip jumping in or out.

This may be the reason for “accidents”. Put a rubber mat under the box so they have a “safe” spot to enter and exit their box. I do not recommend putting a carpet remnant under the box; #1. It is unsanitary. #2. It may let them think it is OK to go potty on any carpet or rug.

I DO NOT recommend “paper” training your piggy or any animal for that matter.

#1 They have fun shredding paper

 #2 if there is paper on the floor they will soil it.


It is a great idea to praise and give treats the first week or so with the potty box re-training. This will encourage them to go in the box. They are used to “their” box at home, this is a new box and not in its usual spot. Some struggle some do not. Praise and treats work wonders. Once they are familiar with their new box and spot, back off the treats. Or they will expect a treat EVERY time they use the box. (remember they are incredibly intelligent)

PB’s do not take physical discipline well. Use a firm NO! or a squirt bottle if you catch them having an accident. Pick them up and put them in the box and then praise them for being in the box. Please wait a few days before scolding them, you do not want to scare them away from the box.

Some babies will have accidents because they smell where another animal has gone. They have an incredible sense of smell!! Use a product called Odoban (Sams club and Walmart) or something similar to Natures miracle.

Some babies will be angels and never have an accident or may only have an accident once. Some may struggle.

Babies go to the bathroom in the morning when they get up or just after breakfast. They generally go to the bathroom right after they eat. If they are struggling with the litter box training, confine them to a smaller area with their box. Either feed them in that area or put them in that area after they eat and make them stay there until they have gone potty. Be sure to praise them and tell them they are a good piggy for going potty. PB’s learn what words mean and the more you can associate words with actions and positive reinforcement, the easier it is for them to retain it.

If they are pooping in the box and peeing outside of it- it means they are slipping. It takes them longer to urinate and girls squat, if they lose their footing they will not go in

If they are not going in the box at all but are going right next to it, it means they are slipping

If you have a loud household, they may just need a more quiet place to go potty. They may get too nervous with kids running and screaming. (It would give me pee anxiety anyway)




1. Is the litter box clean?

    *Pigs are clean animals and do not like a dirty box

2. Is there enough litter in the box?

    *make sure the litter is about an inch deep or better

3. Are you using the same litter?

    *They are used to the wood pellet litter

* If they do not like the wood pellets try mixing some pine shavings. NOT RED CEDAR!! Red Cedar is VERY Harmful to their respiratory system.

4. Is the litter box too tall?

    *It may be too tall for them to jump into confidently. (trust me, they will still jump up

      The couch, but they will not jump in a box that is too tall)

*Cut one side down and cover the cut edge with duct tape so they do not cut themselves

5. Is the box big enough?

    *If they are missing the box a lot they may have outgrown their litter box

6. Do they slip jumping in or out of the box?

    *If they slip jumping into or out of the box, they will choose not to go in the box. Get a 

      Rubber mat to put under the box, with enough coverage around the box so they can

      get a grip to jump in.

7. Are they slipping inside the box?

    * If they lose their footing in the box, they will not go in it again. Females are more

       particular about this as they squat when they go potty. Get the little “non-skid

       thingy’s” and put them in the bottom of the box. Or put a rubber mat in the bottom of

       the box.

8.  If they are going potty somewhere else, wipe up the urine with a Kleenex and put the

      Kleenex in the litter box.

9. Sometimes you may have to block off the areas that they have been having accidents.


Be sure to keep them in a smaller area at first. If you have a large home, you may need to put out several litter boxes at first. Slowly introduce them to the rest of the house. You may have to bring them back to their litter box area to remind them.

If they start having accidents, bring them back to the small area and then start all over again.

Sometimes they will have accidents because they get overwhelmed or excited. Just like a kid in a toy store- they do not want to leave what is going on to go take a potty break. And sometimes they will have nervous accidents. They may poo or pee because they get scared. I have noticed that loud households tend to have babies that have more accidents. (not always but, the incidence seems to be higher)

I can not stress enough that they are still babies and expect them to have accidents. I have had more issues training puppies/dogs and barn cats than I have ever had with Piggies. I have also taken adult outdoor Piggies and potty trained them. You just have to be patient sometimes…. As everything is new to them now and they need some time to adjust and to get acclimated to their new surroundings.

I have had dogs that have taken 6+ months to potty train. Piggies may just need a few weeks to get on the right track.  Just be patient and do not give up on them. If you give up- they will give up. And usually the reasons that they are having accidents… In a pigs world is your fault. The box is slippery, the floor is slippery…etc.

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