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Acceptable safe litters and potty alternatives for Piggies: Pine shavings and pellets, paper litters, Pee pads (washable), wee-wee pads, grass pads.


Red Cedar is NEVER safe for our Piggies or humans for that matter. Red Cedar causes a multitude of issues with the respiratory system, it is a Hepatic toxin (causes liver damage) and can even cause abortions in Humans.



Cat litters have toxic chemicals in them. The litters also clog up the nasal passages and if ingested can cause Duodenum and Intestinal blockages.

You do need to watch your Piggies with the wood pellets as they will snack on them. If they ingest too many it could be a health hazard. If your Piggie has proper nutrition they should have little need for an overconsumption of wood pellets. They usually just snack on a few when fresh pellets are added to the box.

Cat boxes will only last babies a short time as they grow so quickly. Here are some other alternatives. You can use a Rubbermaid under the bed storage container. Or custom make a litter box and seal it with a waterproof resin as I did.

Another Alternative to use are the trays for under a Washing machine. They are found at any Home Depot/Lowes/Menards. 



 Doggie grass pads can be used for Piggies as well.

Puppy Wee_wee pads and Washable pee pads work as well


Here are some examples of Wood pellets, Paper bedding and Shavings.


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