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Adult PB’s do not get fleas. I have heard of a few cases where a baby has gotten fleas from a dog. Once they have their "tougher" skin fleas are unable to bite them. PB's can be afflicted by ticks. Be sure to check your PB’s thoroughly for ticks. Check behind their ears and under their arms. PB’s are sensitive to mosquito and fly bites.

PB’s can get “mange mites” properly named sarcoptic mange. This is prevented and treated with Ivermectin. **see worming section for dosage.

PB’s can also pick up “chiggers” in the grass. Humans can get these too. Not all areas have them and it tends to go in cycles. DON’T get worried and freaked out! Most likely you will not have an issue, I just wanted to put this in the manual as it has comes up often with piggies and with a friend that was “dog sitting” (no piggies involved). We had them a few years ago, I went to the Dr and he prescribed some stuff that didn’t work… I talked to my Uncle in WI that is a Dr and he told me they were like “chiggers“. They tend to be around in wetter areas. If you have “hunting/water dogs” in the house, you will be more likely to get them. I have had a few piggy parents across the midwest get them as well.  You will notice a spot the size of a pin head. It will start to itch like crazy and then it will bleed. (just a drop). What you need to do is give your piggy some ivermectin and your dogs as well. And you will need to pick up some lice shampoo (Walmart has the “Equate“ brand which is a fraction of the cost). Lather your piggy and yourself with the lice shampoo and let it sit for 10 mins then wash it off. You can also just put the shampoo on the areas and wash it off with a cloth as well. Be sure to wash the piggies bedding as well as your own and you can also use “lice bedding spray” to spray on things.  Dogs are most likely the culprits of bringing this in. They tend to run around more than a piggy.
Sometimes the wood litter/shavings can carry little mite bugs. I am not sure what they are but have had them here myself as well as other Piggie parents across the land. The best thing to do in winter months is to leave the bag outside where it can freeze for a few days. And to rid of these little things, you need to wash the piggie in lice shampoo.
Chiggers are found in the grass and in the water. You can also have a break out from grass hay/straw that has chiggers residing in the bale.

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