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TOFU AND TEMPEH *** work in progress with this page

I was at an Exotic Animal auction blood testing birds (I am a State Licensed Blood Tester).
And I saw a pen of the cutest floppy-eared spotted Piggies.  And I KNEW that I had to save one of them. Tofu was ear tagged as a boy... and when I brought him home and into the shower I realized that my Tofu boy was a Tofu girl!
She was very scared and very shy but warmed up quickly and almost immediately took to the litter box. I de-wormed her right away and to this day I still will NOT eat Spaghetti noodles. She was infested with worms and it took weeks of treatments to rid her of them.
It is hard to express into words the intelligence and magnificence of a big pig. They are far different than PB's.
Tofu slept with me up until she was just about 600 lbs. One of the Momma PB's kept picking on her this spring and she decided that she wanted to live outside. She will still come inside and she knocks on the door every day for her apple. If I do not answer her right away she will try and open the door with her mouth!!
She still tries to lay on me as she did when she was a baby.... it is pretty hard to move. So usually I just lay on top of her.

Tempeh did not have as healthy of a start as Tofu. Again, I was at an Exotic Animal Auction picking up some birds.
I saw a pen of the most pathetic, scrawny looking Piggies that I had ever seen. Where I saw a young boy maybe 10? That was ear tagging them and laughing because he would tag the ears so tight that their ears would bind up. I OF COURSE had words to say to this boy! It still infuriates me! I reported this incident to the owner of the facility and I reported the condition of the animals to the State.  
As much as I DID NOT want to stay for this auction I HAD to. The Piggies came through, hunched up and of course scared. I was honestly surprised that they were selling for $50. So I thought, ok maybe they are not in as bad of condition than I think? Some were obviously injured and limping. The guy next to me bid on one and remarked "I did my good deed for the day", he purchased a little girl with a terrible limp. And then came Tempeh.... the smallest of the bunch, he was barely walking, skin and bones.... the Auctioneer brought the bid down to $10 and I bid. Of course someone started bidding against me. $22 and I have my Tempeh. I had to wait to get loaded. I begged them to cut the ear tags out right away but they refused to cut the State tag (Which they should be banned, they do not grow with the ear at all. These were the tags that the little beast of a child was putting in.
 FINALLY, they bring Tempeh to me and I give him some water right away. He just kept wanting more. Piggies are prone to salt toxicity from too much salt in food as well as from a lack of water. I drove across the street and gave him some more water and disinfected myself and my seats and boots for the ride home.
As soon as I got home I grabbed Tempeh and we headed to the shower to disinfect. I got him settled in a make-shift quarantine area in the laundry room and gave him some food and went to feed all of the other animals.
I came back in and the room just reeked of pig diarrhea- I did not see any on the floor and I looked at his back end and it was clear diarrhea. NEVER a good sign. And he did not touch his food. I started him on Pepto and Spectinamyacin. And put Gatorade in a bowl for him.
He would not touch the food. I took some goats milk and thawed it from the freezer. He was so weak he could barely hold his head up to eat. I just wrapped him up in pee pads and blankets and cuddled him on the couch. I wanted him to feel peace and love for his last hours on earth. To feel the loving touch and kindness from a human, not neglect and loud noises, people kicking them to move.... it is a really sick and twisted world we live in how we treat animals...
So I sat and held my 14lb,  emaciated, dehydrated boy that was infected with E coli and vomiting bile from his stomach. I truly did not think this precious little boy was going to make it through the night. I gave him some Zofran (Ondansetron) to help with the nausea until we could get to my Vet that Sunday morning if he made it that long.
Sunday morning comes early as I had little sleep. I had dozed off with him in my arms and was so thankful that he was alive when I opened my arms.
I called my Vet and OF COURSE it was his weekend off and the "Fill in clinic" was less than helpful.
I had to run to Fargo (closest civilization) for supplies. I needed more wipes, Ensure, Pedialite etc... I got home and he was coughing and snuffling. Full blown Pneumonia had set in on top of his horrid diarrhea and vomiting. I thankfully had Excenel and Draxxin on hand and started him on those antibiotics on top of Ampicillin, Spectinomyacin, Zofran and Pepto. It was touch and go the rest of the afternoon and evening. Again I did not think that this little boy would pull through.
Thankfully my Vet got me in right away Monday morning. He was checked for Coccidiosis which was clear and Doc diagnosed him as having Ileitis. He had all of the clinical signs of it. Sadly the only way to know for certain of that diagnosis is post-mortem. So another drug was added to his regimen.
By the grace of God, his will, my determination and hundreds of followers to his story on facebook sending prayers. he pulled through! He had another bout of respiratory infection and had to go back on antibiotics but he made it. It took a few weeks for his poo to go back to normal and he still will have loose stool from time to time due to the damage that was done to his intestines. He also has a bit of asthma that acts up when he gets over-exerted. 
It took many weeks for him to build up his strength, muscles and stamina. But he is on his way to growing up to being a very healthy boy. We still struggle with getting him to eat pig chow. He still gets scrambled eggs and cheerios every day. I call him my spoiled rotten Walmart child.  
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