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Here is one of my own testimonials from one of my lovely piggies named Ruby. I had been very ill for months... little did I know very close to death as gall stones blocked my pancreas. Normal levels are less than 300 and when I FINALLY got my stubborn butt to the ER, my levels were 46,200. Anyway.... I had a horrible attack and had crawled to the bathroom and collapsed to the floor and could not move. Ruby had followed me in there and was oinking at me, when I collapsed she kept saying "oof oof" and nudging me with her nose.... I started shaking uncontrollably from the pain. I assume she thought I was cold, she snuggled right up to me to keep me warm and just kept "oof oof oofing".  She laid with me until the attack had passed. She was my recovery buddy too.... 5 surgeries.... it was amazing how she knew not to walk or jump on my belly. She slept with me every night. The first few weeks after she had her babies she would sleep on the floor. Now that the babies are older and can jump, they are all sleeping and nursing next to me too.

I just need to post this to your timeline because, we are so incredibly happy with our little guy. You are by far the best breeder that I have ever talked to and have had conversations via FB, Text and Phone. Our potbelly pig is by far more than what we ever thought we would get in a minipig. He is so gentle with everyone in our family and he is one that I know I can take to school and I will not be afraid of him biting anyone. I also appreciate more than you will know, is that when you found out that we had an autistic son, you made sure this little guy was ready for our home! We LOVE him so much. Thank you so much for all the time that you invested in Chilly/Cooper! We LOVE you!!!!!!

Aubrey Sc****** I also can attest to Misti ' s piggers. I have had 2 & they both are amazing. Rugger is 6 months now & he loves all people & animals alike. Very happy boy who never got rid of his "milk fat". He is best friends with our Weimaraner. He's a snuggler & even loves dog toys! I'm sure Kelly C can give a heck of a testimonial as well. We are all smitten with piggy love! Thanks Misti!
  • Lorene Thompson Rodrigues We have the best piggie in the world, thanks to Misti Minipot Bellypigs. We have had her for . 5 years now, she's our baby girl. We also adopted a male from the local dog pound, the poor little guy was abused, but he is starting to trust us. I agree, Misti is wonderful and and very knowledgeable. Her love of animals makes her shine.
  • Kelly C******* I <3 Misti Minipot Bellypigs! I have gotten 2 babies from her, 2 years apart. Misti goes above and beyond to help her new parents!!! The care and consideration that go into her piglets are above all others! Her pigs are healthy, they come potty trained and her expertize is something that cannot be matched! You don't just get a pig when you buy from her, you get her invaluable knowledge! Until you (my personal experience) have been up at 11:30pm with a baby that doesn't feel well and send a text and get a phone call a moment later from Misti offering help (she talked me through a constipated piggy), you really can't appreciate her amount of true dedication.

  • Skittles/Oinkles, NY

    I was contacted by Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. They have an "Adopt a Dream" program that was started by a group of students. They told me about this very special, sick 14 yr old young lady named Cassandra. Cassandra had cancer when she was 2 and had gone through chemo. Less than 2 years ago she had complications, they are not sure if it was due to the chemo or some other cause. Cassandras lungs only function at 15%.
     It has always been her dream to have a piggie. At the time I did not have any babies yet. Then Sophia had her litter of 11. And here was teeny tiny Miss Skittles... I supplement fed her as she was SO little and had a hard time nursing. The first week was a little scary....  But she was a fighter and just kept getting stronger and stronger. I brought her everywhere with me and she met hundreds of people. Well, it was nearing the time to send Skittles off.... a few delays due to the University's  paperwork....and then my fax machine and printer decided to die....  there were moments when all involved really didnt think the Pig would fly... literally....
    5-31-12, with A LOT of tears I brought my baby to the Minneapolis airport and sent her on a flight to Laguardia airport in NY.....
    The Adopt a Dream Team picked her up and brought her to Cassandra.... And those two bonded almost immediately.... I was getting pictures via text as it happened.... I had been told that Cassandra rarely smiles... and in EVERY picture this beautiful young girl had a great BIG smile on her face..... which of course made me cry all over again...  I am very blessed to be a part of this dream for Cassandra.... and I am loving all of the photos and updates. Here are a few From Cassandra and her Mom.... There are photos on my Piggie Facebook page. I am blessed to have so many great piggie friends that are reaching out and extending their kindness to Cassandra.. :)

    thank you so much! :) shes adjusting well nd has already used her litter pan nd we made her some homecoming mashed potatoes :) i now ull miss her but shes in a good place thank you for taking care of her i plan on changing her name to Oinkles officially Oinkle Skittles  ♥ xoxoxoxo Cassandra

      • Another successful day with Skittles/Oinkles. She slept in this morning with Cassandra until 10:30 am, had a trip to the pet store to find a perfect and cute harness with matching leash, had watermelon, honey nut cherios, and piggy grain for a meal, and visited the church youth group to meet some of Cassandra's friends this evening. Hoping you are having a good evening and being kept company with the other little ones. E

    • Minipot Bellypigs
      • AWWWWW! SO glad she is coming along, how did she handle all of the people at the church group?

    • Eleanore Steinle
      June 4
      • She was fine with the teens. Cassandra held Oinkles and sat on the grass and the kids came over and sat in a circle around them. We stayed home Saturday. Sunday was a big day. I took the kids and Oinkles to Smithtown Days, which is a street festival. Cassandra held Oinkles on her lap in her wheelchair while I navigated the cthrongs of people that obviiously were not used to seeing a piggy. Oinkles greeted everyone well and allowed them to pet her. She had a good time sniffing the air and we found that she also likes twizzlers. Cassandra is at school today but I am home so Oinkles has company although I have been asked to bond as little as possible with piggy. All seems good. Thanks for getting her off to such a great start. I will text a photo from smithtown days.

    Hey Misti, I hope you and your beautiful babies are doing well! I just wanted to thank you for my baby, although I don't know if words could describe how thankful I am. I just love him to death, and I think calling us inseparable would be putting it mildly! I have been having a tough time lately and I can always count on Ziggy to be right there next to me doing silly things to make me smile! I was...
    having trouble a while back getting a harness on him, he just made a big fuss about it every time I tried to put it on! But I knew I couldn't let him get away with it so I kept working at it and finally succeeded! I got the leash and took him outside and the little stinker got out of his harness! I went to pick him up and he ran to the other end of the yard, so I walked inside to try to find something to get him with. As I am walking up the driveway I hear "click, click, click" behind and I turn around to find him following me inside! I felt so overjoyed that he saw me as Mommy. To this day, I have not used the harness whether it is bringing him with me to therapy or even to school for show and tell he is always right by my side! He is the definition of a best friend, and that is exactly what he is to me. We fit so well together, and to be honest I think my stubbornness rubs off on him a little hahaha (: For everyone reading this post and considering a piggy, don't pass up the opportunity to have a new best friend, because I can tell you my life would not be the same without my Ziggy! Thanks so much for all that you have done and I hope you continue to make a difference in people's lives just like you did mine ♥



    Hey Misti!  Just wanted to let you know that little Tuff is doing amazing!  He has warmed up to my mom soooo much and she just loves him!  Yesterday we figured out how much he enjoyes paper bags, ha ha ha.  That was quite the show.  He is getting along great with the dogs too!  My parents yorkie tries to play with him constantly and the labs don't seem to mind him much either!  He's a funny one!  He talks CONSTANTLY and only will not fall asleep until you pick him up and wrap him in a blanket (which is pretty cute right now!). 
    Thank you again soooo much for all of your help and letting us take him! 
    He's soooo sweet!
    We were going to keep him at our house until Christmas, then bring him to her Christmas morning... But I felt soo bad at how scared he was during the car ride home that we all decided that it would just be better to have her be the first person he got used to.  Sooooo we ended up taking him straight to my parents house.  She was soooooooo funny!  She had no idea!  She started crying and just keeps walking around saying that she can't believe she has a pig in her kitchen :-)!  He has been sleeping with her every night in her "select comfort" bed so everyone keeps asking her what the pigs number is ha ha ha.  She decided to change his name to Rodger (after my grandpa) and oh boy does that name fit him.  HE LOVES PLASTIC AND PAPER BAGS!  I got him a bunch of random toys before we got him, but he seriously has the most fun with those bags!  It's hilarious!  I took a couple videos, I will try to send you one if I can figure it out.  He just runs around in circles with it!  Are there any other random things they like???  Litter box has been ok, he almost always does #2 in it, it's just the random pittles that we've had a problem with but it hasn't been too bad.  We had a little pacifier and when he was sleeping we put it in his mouth... He wakes up and chews on it for a while.  It's sooo cute!  I attatched some pictures for ya! 
    Thanks again sooooo much!



    Digby and Shinooks first night together in his new home
    Oh my gosh,he is such a good little friend.He was no problem.Shinook on the other hand was so in love he cramped Digby's space but there doing great in time he will ajust and fit right in.Thank you Misty Rose for your love for these gentle souls.Will keep in touch.Thank you soo much for meeting me in Vergas.Love,Connie & Allen
    Here is a picture of them, I could see your heart was hurting letting him go BUT no worries I will keep in touch and send pictures as he grows if you like. 

    Hi Misti- Just wanted to THANK YOU!!!!! for sharing Gipper with us. He is positively adorable and we are all instantly in love with him. He has been super and now has the run of the basement. He lives for belly rubs and I am now working on picking him up and trying to get the harness on him. He didn't love his bath last night though. He kept jumping in and out of the tub... So sorry to hear about your mother and I hope she is doing better. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Love for now... Sharon, Gary, Nick, Alex and Gipper...

    "Gipper has shown us what true trust and love really means and its brought us much closer as a family. I will be forever grateful to you for that...


    OWEN, ND

    A few more Owen updates from His Daddy, Westin.(phone conversation)

    "He is cleaner than my teens"

    There was an aggressive dog that had come into the yard and was going towards the kids. Owen ran in front of the kids and charged at the dog and scared him away!

    Their daughter Haley is type 1 diabetic..
    When Haley's sugar is high, Owen will not leave her side not even for food until her Mom and Dad come to help her. When Haley's sugar is low, Own will have a fit, scream and squeal and will go and get someone to come to Haley's side.

    Owen also LOVES taking showers. No one in the house can shower alone! He also will not go to bed until he is tucked into his bed, given a belly rub and covered.
    He also enjoys his cup of java with his Daddy in the morning and will have a fit without it. So, if He is not there in the morning then his son has to make his cup of jo! LOL!



    Hi again! so day 1 so far has been interesting! I taught him how to sit and he is learning the word "no" lol :) I was able to sit with him and he layed on my lap and fall asleep. I have found he is very stubborn and loves being outside! .........

    hi again! I was wondering about all the tricks you can teach them, and some pointers on them lol :) so far petrie can sit perfectly, and almost has giving me kisses when i ask down :D he is doing amazing!
    Hi! I am just checking in to make sure I am doing everything right and if Petrie sounds just about normal :) 
    I think he is teething, he started making grinding noises with his teeth (which i dont let him do) and he has been chewing on everything! so i give him a cold rag and put some food on it and he normally sucks on that for a while. He has also made friends with one of my girl golden retrievers who watches him like a hawk, and my six week old kitten. I now have him sitting, giving me kisses when I ask, and on good days he opens and holds his mouth open (thats for when he goes to the vet) Oh and I almost forgot he absolutely loves baths!!


    Englebert, WI

    Could I possibly adore him any more than I do? Oh my gosh I love him. He is really something I'll tell you, testing all the time......He has worked his way not just into our bed but insists on being either right between us or at the very foot of the bed, under the covers of course. Last night he kept my feet warm so I didn't care. : ) Of course there are those moments when he wakes up in the middle of the night and I get a little nibble on my toe or a hoof in the back.......ya, and I still love him!! I continue to try to work him into being held and he continues to throw a fit every time. I'm not giving up. The dumb part is he LOVES to cuddle. He likes being close to me and lets me all over him when I'm not holding him. Last week he decided he didn't want lotion on....whatever, I've been doing it all along and now, all of a sudden you don't like it.....whatever.....get over here!!!! stinker

    He continues to potty in a couple of places in the house. I have bleached them to the point of opening a window and he still uses these 2 spots. Should I go ahead and give in and just put litter boxes in those 2 places? I tried putting a harness on him.....you would have thought I was cutting his heart out. I'm not giving in on this one because he must be able to go places with me and he can't do that w/o a harness. He is supposed to be a probation pig for heaven's sake!

    I have him to where he will come almost all the time when called and he will give kisses when asked. We're going to work on sitting next I think because I have a couple of foster dogs that need help on that as well. Did I tell you he got a bunch of plastic balls for Christmas? The ones in the kids play pits, like at McDonalds....ya, I put them in a big long box. When we leave in the morning, I put the box down so he can get in it and push the balls back and forth. Some days they are all over the place and some days pretty much untouched. He gets something to chew every day as well though.

    Every once in a while he wants to run w/the dogs and head outside. I was just thinking this AM I should just let him go. As long as I am right there he can't get hurt and he will certainly feel how cold it is. Maybe then he'll let me put some clothes on him. : )

    We have to work on his feet- I'm going to try to file them a little at a time and see how that goes. Should be interesting.


    I think I forgot to tell you....he has started to blow bubbles in his water dish. It is SO funny. He does it hard too. I thought once he figured out we thought it was funny he would keep doing it for attention but not our Englebert......no, he stops as soon as he knows we are watching. What a stinker.

    Isn't being covered and surrounded by animals wonderful? I remember months ago (pre Englebert) waking up with all of our foster dogs and one of our big dogs in bed with me. Heather and gone to work and the dogs had all made themselves comfortable. It was like a little girls dream come true except they are real instead of stuffed! : )

    On the other hand, he seems to be getting more affectionate and trusting in terms of what he will allow me to do. He stills pitches a pig fit when I pick him up but now if he's in bed I can pull him to me and he'll let me or I can move him in bed and he leans in to me as opposed to his earlier shrieks. : )

    Yesterday I was home from work. I'm not sure if it threw him off or what but he was literally going from one thing to the next.....getting in to anything and everything he could. He finally settled in for a little nap with me thank goodness but when he got up it was all over again. His big thing was pushing the office chair all around the kitchen, ya, the big armed office chair. I mean ya, it's on wheels but still! It was too funny.

    Happy Holidays from all of us but of course especially from Englebert! : )

    We of course truly adore him. He is doing well. He is definitely true to his lil pig self- he is stubborn, pushy and demanding......you know, normal. : ) For the most part he has been a good boy. He did decide to use a spot in the living room for an extra litter box which of course isn't good. I'm not sure why he started but of course he must have done it a couple of times before we discovered it- when we smelled it. I had to cut out a piece of the carpet and padding and spray bleach on the floor board. Hopefully that will prevent any further issues. It was behind the TV stand- he must have done it when we weren't in the room because otherwise we would have seen him try to go back there and wouldn't have let him.

    He uses his box, I clean it every day. It seems like he urinates frequently. Anyway, hopefully we've got that under control. I did buy another box today so he has 2, one in the bathroom off our room which is also where he is when we aren't home now, and then the original one in the laundry room.

    I have another question. It seems like he actually likes getting picked up and/or held less instead of more. He likes to cuddle but on his terms and when we are already laying or sitting down. He has even started to scream when I do his lotion now. I bought a different lotion today thinking maybe that had something to do with it. We'll see how that goes. I'm confused by his latest behavior. We've never put him down when he has screamed. We always hold him until he calms down and stops, then we'll put him down so I know we haven't reinforced his negative behavior. Just wondering if you have any ideas?

    He is definitely smart and we know we have to be on top of things or he will rule us all.

    Again, Merry Christmas and thanks again for the gift of our Englebert! He brings me an incredible amount of joy.

    Thanks for writing and reassuring us we're not doing anything horribly wrong. We love him so much! Don't tell him but he's getting a big package of plastic balls for christmas. We'll throw them lose in the bathroom and let him go to town! I am setting a goal for myself to «cuddle» him on my terms at least once a day until he stops pretending to hate it. This is of course in addition to our other time together which I assure you is not lacking.

    Again, Merry Christmas and thank you.

    BTW I am in love with Nina!

    Mistiroset@aol.com wrote:

    >Merry Christmas to your family as well!
    >He is being a snot and trying to show you that he is boss. He is letting
    >him hold you on his terms.. not nice! Hold him on yours, most of it is a
    >stage, trying to be independent.. but if you let him get away with it then it
    >wont be corrected.
    >a lot of urination: Is he drinking a lot more water ? could be from the
    >following: It is dry in the house, he is eating too salty of foods or getting
    >into dog/cat food, boredom.
    >As they get older they have stronger bladder control and go far less
    >Sometimes they will find a spot to pee other than the box because: they are
    > retaliating or they are just being a lazy ass. Spank his behind when you
    >catch him (not hard, just enough to get his attention) and tell him how
    >naughty he is and put him in a time out.
    >Sometimes negative attention is better than no attention at all for

    We don't have any ornaments on the bottom 1/3 of the tree because of all the animals and no presents yet. However, now that I'll be off for the next 5 days, I am going to put some wrapped gifts under the tree tonight. I am sure it will be quite the game for a while until he realizes MOM WILL WIN! : ) By the way, I don't remember if I told you but he has now decided his favorite place to sleep is under our covers......and BETWEEN US! I woke up about 2 this AM for some reason and there he was with his head on my pillow tucked in-between us. Little Stinker. I am seriously getting teary eyed just thinking about it I love his so!






    His birthday is coming up this week! I am so glad I got that information from you. I asked her 3 weeks ago for the information and she never got back to me so I assumed she was just blowing me off. I thought she would know off hand what his birthday is. I know every birthday of all my pets.
    I am so glad I found your website so I could contact you myself. I contacted the feed store today and they said they carry Manna Pro Potbellied pig food but if I could come up with your "recipe" they would happily mix it for me. So for now, I bought a bag of the commercial stuff. It is 13% protein and 2.5% fat. I used to buy a mix from a pb breeder when I had Petunia years ago. Eddie gets a variety of vegetables along with the pellets so he has a pretty good diet now. I thought he looked a little overweight when I got him. I figured being he was outside that they gave him large quantities of food at a time.
    He made himself at home as soon as he got here. I showed him his litter box and he used it immediately. He's not had one accident. His favorite thing to do is push around a 2 ft. dog bone. He still squeals a little when picked up, but he's getting better. He loves when I brush him with a rubber tipped brush. He doesn't like getting his ears cleaned but I'm working on it. I taught him how to sit and shake, and he even knows the word no. He made himself a spot in my bed along with the dogs. He's quite a treasure and loved by everyone in the family. Thank you so much for raising such quality pb's!
    Well, my little man passed away at 12:45 last night from complications of a urinary tract infection. I was thankful to be able to be with him when he went. I laid on the floor with him for 5 hrs so he wouldn't have to die alone. I cuddled him and told him how much I enjoyed the time we had together. He died knowing he was loved very much. As much as puppy Sophie liked to irritate him, she even laid with us and licked Eddie's mouth and ears. My dad waited for Lowe's to open and bought lumber to build him a custom casket (with handles even) so we can bury him with my childhood companion Tippy. He will be "resting" at the hunting shack until spring thaw when we can give him a proper burial. I spent the day washing and putting away all his toys and blankets. I already miss him but I realize that I did all I could do for him. He had lots of love in the past 3 months. Probably more than most have in a life time.
    I woke up one morning and Eddie wasn't himself. He wasn't interested in his
    food or his water and was straining in the little box. I took his temp and
    it was normal. I called my vet immediately and they said to bring him in.
    They took x-rays to make sure he didn't have a blockage of some sort. The
    only thing out of the ordinary was that he had a full stomach, which was odd
    because he hadn't eaten in 12 hrs and there was a lot of gas in his
    intenstines. They assumed his stomach wasn't functioning up to par so they
    gave me metocolopramide and laxatone to give him a few times a day and said
    to make sure he had plenty of water and to also give him 10 ml of mineral
    old 3 times a day. When I brought him home he was given 120 cc's of water
    every few hours by syringe and was good about taking it that way. He still
    wasn't interested in food much. The only thing he would take was oatmeal
    and applesauce that I fed him by spoon. He wasn't urinating or passing stool
    very frequently so I consulted with a different vet. He said that his body
    was probably absorbing most of the fluids being he wasn't getting as much
    fluids as usual. He was still happy and didn't seem to be in pain so I was
    content with his opinion. His temperature was normal everytime I checked
    it. He finally started drinking on his own but still no appetite. His
    urine had a foul odor so I brought him back in to the vet. I took a free
    fall sample of urine and they did a UA. His white count was up, his pH
    level was extremely high, and they found numerous triple phosphorus crystals
    in his urine. The straining he had been doing was to urinate and not
    because he was having trouble passing stools. They did another x-ray and
    the stomach was now empty and the bladder looked normal. They gave him a
    shot of Penicillin Benzathine and said to bring him back in about 3 days for
    another shot and to do another lab. He seemed to be doing well and was even
    starting to eat. Then Friday afternoon he started urinating blood and was
    very weak. His temp had dropped to 97 degrees so I rushed him back in.
    They ran a blood panel and discovered that his kidneys were failing. They
    called the University of Minnesota and consulted with a vet there. They
    both conferred that the crystals in the urine had destroyed his kidneys and
    there was nothing left to do. He wasn't in any visible pain so I opted to
    take him home to die instead of euthanasia. We knew it would be only a few
    more hours. I feel comfortable knowing I did everything I possibly could.
    I was with him until the very end. I had wanted another pig for such a long
    time and was so excited to get him. It was love at first sight for both of
    us. I will never forget the joy he gave me and my family in the short time
    we had him......


    I just wanted to let you know what a joy Lloyd has been to myself and family. The transition for Lloyd went better than expected. I have sent pic's and video's to Adam and I think he feels comfortable now that Lloyd is happy. He will definitely be a permanent member of my family.
    Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful babies, and also for finding Lloyd for me. You are an angel!

    These are just a few pics that I have taken recently. He loves getting his picture taken. He must have been Adam's baby because he seems to love men more than women. The minute he hears my son come home, he's at the door to greet him.

    I can sure tell the difference between how Lloyd and Eddie were raised. Eddie spooked easier and was only attached to me, where as Lloyd loves everyone and loves to be cuddled. I can really tell that Lloyd was loved by his former family.

    I forgot to tell you about the pillow case and blanket I made Lloyd. It was made out of the blanket that Eddie was sent home with from you. It was a little fleece with cars on it. It may be the blanket from one of the pictures you have on your web site.
    Sorry I haven't sent pics lately. My bulldog puppy chewed on my cell phone and destroyed the camera on it. I will send pics as soon as I get a new phone or a camera.
    Lloyd is doing real well. He's found a new hiding place. He figured out that the hutch doors open and got into my jewelry making supplies. I yelled at him and he went and hid in the dog kennel. Now instead of napping on the couch all the time, he found that he prefers the dog kennel. I think he prefers the bedding in there rather than the fleece that I have thrown all over the living room.
    Other than the hutch incident he has been a good boy. I have his litter box set up in the living room, but he barely uses it. He usually goes outside with the dogs.
    He has really bonded with the puppy who he liked the least before. He will lay on the floor and the puppy will lick his eyes, face, and ears. Lloyd absolutely loves it. He actually whines when the puppy stops. It's fun to watch.
    I found a low calorie snack that he really loves. Alfalfa cubes. Not only are they healthy, they also keep him "regular."
    He has claimed ownership to one cushion on the couch. Nobody is allowed to sit there or he will either whine, or he will try to flip the cushion until they get up. He is so funny.
    He absolutely loves my oldest granddaughter. He knows when she comes over that she always has a cheerio for him and a belly rub on the way. She loves to comb his "crunchy" hair (as she calls it) as well.
    We are so looking forward to summer so we can get his play area set up outside. We already have the huge insulated house and kennel enclosure, but my dog walker is going to build him a rooting box and I'm going to get his pool set up.
    His feeding schedule is based on my work schedule so he eats at 5 am and 5 pm and believe me, he knows when it's 5 o'clock. I don't even have to set my alarm clock in the morning anymore. In fact when I was in the hospital and my parents had him, he let them know it was feeding time. He would jump on their bed and give my mom the snout until she finally gave in and got up. There is no such thing as sleeping in on the weekend either.
    I hope you and your family will be able to come visit this spring or summer. I'm sure he will be excited to see you.
    Thank you again for bringing Lloyd into my life. He's been such a ray of sunshine in my life. I can't image life without him now.

    Oh my gosh! Thats amazing! I am so happy he isn't afraid of the dogs. We were worried about that. I feel so much better. I cannot thank you enough for all your help. We are planning on visiting lloyd in the spring. She seems like the sweetest woman, and we are so blessed to have found such a perfect home for our baby lloyd!
    Thanks again!

    NINA, AZ

    Nina is doing pretty well. She and the dogs have figured out their differences, so they're all getting along happily now. This weekend she played outside all day Saturday, so she thinks she should be able to go out whenever she wants. But since she's still to small for the dog door(it's up a little high for her right now), I don't want to leave her out all day. She really looks forward to me getting home since she knows it means she gets a blueberry or banana muffin. We've been giving her boxes and other things to play with during the day to keep her from getting bored. Nina got a bath last weekend(she didn't like it) and I've been trying to keep lotion on her(she doesn't like lotion either).

    The only problem we're having is with her peeing on the carpet in the bedroom. When she gets up in the middle of the night, she won't go into the bathroom to use the litter bow, she just finds a corner to pee in. Throughout the rest of the day she does fine. I've started giving her a time out by putting her in the bathroom and closing the door when I catch her. But it doesn't seem to make a difference. In fact, she pouts and turns away from me when I let her out. Do you have any ideas on this?

    She's eating really well and growing bigger. I'm trying to watch her food so that she grow well, but doesn't just get too fat. She seems to like eating all the time.

    Talk to you soon.

    Hi Misti Rose.
    Thought I'd send you an update on how "Princess" Nina is doing. She's doing really good. She has run of the whole house while we're gone. When I get home she likes to spend some time out in the backyard. She'll snort at the door when she's ready to come back in. She's still too short to use our current pet door, but I have hopes for her yet. She and the dogs are getting along fine. For some reason she still doesn't like me putting lotion on her(I have been heating it up-I think the tantrums are just for show), and is still fighting pretty hard about a harness. But I'm not giving into her, and make her undergo both "awful" treatments. She gets to go on a play date every Friday to play with my mom's two small dogs and my niece and nephews. She loves riding in the truck with us.
    She has an appointment next week to get spayed. I'm sure she'll be unhappy with my for a few days after that. I did check to see that they use the right anesthesia. She's weighing in at 18 lbs this morning. My boyfriend thinks she's getting fat, but the only fat on her is her roll around the neck. I like to call it her collar.
    She likes snuggling in the evening and is a grump in the morning until she gets her oatmeal.
    Talk to you soon, Kim & Nina




    Subject: Chilly
    I cannot even begin to THANK YOU for choosing me to have this SWEET SWEET baby!! He has the most wonderful litte personality I have ever seen in an animal. He slept all the way home, and my hubby went nuts when he saw him. He thought he was the cutest!! He has done very well. He ate dinner, had a little snack, okay 2, and played with my pug, and he is now sound to sleep in my arms in my bed with the heating blanket. He loves the dogs and was doing RODEO in the living room with them. We introduced him to Milo, and they talked and talked to each other. Everything has gone really good. He is so sweet when you call his name and he comes running. My hubby was shocked when he seen something so small get up on the couch by himself! You cannot help but LOVE this little guy!! His personality, and all that he is, is a WONDERFUL reflection on who you are. The love and care that you put into this special little guy, shows your love and understanding of God's wonderful creatures. Thank you Misti, you have brought alot of joy into our family and I know for alot of other familys out there to. Thank you for your dedication to these wonderful animals. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you again!!

    Milo was not agressive with him at all!! Chilly is doing SO GOOD!! He is eating well, no potty problems, he is SO SMART!! He loves my little dogs. He LOVES all the attention, you cannot help but give it to him. He follows me all over the house, and when I stop he sits and justs looks up at me. My son is 13, and he just adores the little guy to. He has been pretty active today, searching out his new home. He has piles of blankets in each room so he can crash wherever he wants. Of course he did sleep with me last night. I couldn't help it. I will get some pics out soon. Take care we will for sure keep in touch!!
    "Chilly is doing WONDERFUL!! He has been running through the house all day at the speed of lightning!! He plays all day!! Eating good, AND he runs out with the dogs to do his business, turns around and runs back in! He is HYSTERICAL!! This piggy has SUCH an unbelivable personality. He started to eat cheese now to. Milo just watches him, like it is to much of an effort for him to move!!"

    She is very sweet. She did go after Chilly today, she had to put him in his place, to stay off of her. I'm sure that will change he will learn the little bugger!! She eats so dainty and stuff. GREAT with the litter box!
    I'll let her get settled in and then when the weather is nice take her and Chilly out for a walk. She walks on a leash, Chilly is working on it. So, so far so good. But I don'r think these is going to be a problem. They all go through that whoes going to be the leader. I did let Robin know you now have Milo. So she was glad he didn't hurt anyone. I still feel so sorry for him, he is a sweet boy.



    Hi Misti!
    Has your life settled down a bit more? We are doing well with Sophie. Brandi our toy poodle likes to clean Sophie. I think Sophie is part fainting goat, because whenever someone starts scratching her she falls on her side and closes her eyes. We have two other dogs that also get along well with Sophie, but they all fight for territory when the food comes out.
    Picture 020 is when Sophie first got here and she had to stand in the bowl to eat. Now we have a shorter bowl for her. She doesn't have much room between her jowls (chin area) and the floor. She is growing. The other two pictures I took today. I think she is at least 20 lbs. Her stomach isn't far from the ground either.
    When might she go into heat? Her lower anal region keeps getting swollen looking, and I'm not sure the anatomy and if that is where the poop comes out.
    I am surprised she doesn't like to be outside more, because you mentioned she liked it at your house. She gets as far as the porch and sometimes she goes to the steps then comes back in the porch. It could be that my porch is dirty and interesting, but there is way more grass and dirt outside. Also the stairs aren't a problem because there are only two and she has been down them a couple times.
    Is there a special way to pick up a pig? I usually pick her up around the upper part of the stomach just under the arms, but she always squeals at me. She is fine once I am holding her.
    Hope all is going better.
    Sue Ann

    Don't tell my dogs this, but I think I have gone to the piggie preference....they don't bark at every little thing, including the road construction dudes that have decided to take a break at our house.

    Hello Misti!
    Well, it was a crazy rest of the weekend trying to play referee and getting all my homework done by 11PM Sunday. I procrastinate easily and Dermot was on my mind most of last week.
    Sorry, we did a name change. Dermot wasn't rolling of the tongue very well so his name is now Frodo Dermot Baggins. I wanted him to know who I was talking to so right now I just say Frodo Dermot. We had an interesting ride back to St. Cloud...travel tip #2: Having a litter box in the vehicle is a good thing (#1) making sure they know where it is works even better!! He was sitting on my lap, looking content, when all of a sudden warmth accumulated on my leg. Oh well, such is life!! :) I quickly showed him the box in the back, thank goodness, because then he had to poop! Fordo hid in the back for the rest of the trip to St. cloud. I handed him to my daughter in St. Cloud and he remained in her arms until we got home.
    Since we have been home Frodo has gotten bitten quite a bit, but it is much better today. He likes to follow Sophie around, protection I guess. Pictures to come later, what a difference in size!!

    Talk with you soon.




       I just wanted to send you an update about Hamlet!  I've also attached some pictures!

            I have to admit, when we got back in the car and I started to drive away, I contemplated turning right back around and sending Hamlet back with you.  His scream broke my heart and shook the windows of my car.  I had no idea that it was so loud!  The first night was scary, but the second he got home, I introduced him to his big fluffy bed and blankets and he seemed just fine.  He immediately explored the house and actually had an accident on my bed, but that was okay!  The first week I didn't even attempt to pick him up or get a harness on him.  I just worked on gaining his trust.  I explored food possibilities and found that his favorite foods are peanuts (salt free, of course), apples, pumpkin, and celery.  He also loves the feed that I got from you and it works just as good as any treat!  He REALLY loves cracker jacks, but only gets a handful on very special occasions!  I introduced him to my cats and it is precious how much he loves other animals.  I can't wait to get him home to TN. for Thanksgiving break, where he will meet some other sweet animals, including a yorkie, poodle, rabbits, and cats.  He is so gentle with other animals.  After allowing people to come visit, always armed with treats, Hamlet has grown to LOVE company and always welcomes new people.  He has learned many tricks and his favorites are: shutting the door, counting to three, turning circles, and saying "please".  We go on walks now and he loves to root and explore the backyard.  Recently, the college I attend had a contest and the loser had to kiss a farm animal.  When word got around that I had a pig, Hamlet soon became the lucky smooch-ee.  I worked with him and trained him to kiss with his snout when I made a certain noise.  Needless to say, he stole the show and did an amazing job when the time came for the losers to pucker up!  (I attached a few pictures of him kissing!)

         Thanks so much for everything. Hamlet is a permanent part of my life and I can't imagine a day without his precious tail wagging.  His smacking is adorable and I never knew an animal's eyes could look so deeply into mine! 

          I hope everything is going well for you!

                     Jenni ****** (Mississippi)



    Cassie-Lucy is absotely adorable! She's adapting nicely. >>>
    Anyways -- she's wonderful! She's bonded with me already and jumps up on the couch with me when I'm working. When I call her, she always comes. She doesn't squeal anymore when I or my daughter pick her up. In fact, my son picked her up and she was fine with him too.

    Thanks again Misty -- you've brightened up our home with this precious gift!

    By the way, we took her camping this weekend with our boat -- oh my god -- we camped on this little island and Cassie couldn't have been happier -- and me because I didn't have to worry where she was! She loved the water and loved roaming this tiny island. And slept like a baby in our tent with us. What a great pet she is!


    OWEN, ND                                                                                               7-2-10

    I just wanted to share a phone update I just had with the Dent family in ND. The Dad, Westin refers to Owen as his son! And he told me, he could not imagine his life without his son. They also have a human daughter (7 yrs) that has type 1 diabetes. When she is ill Owen doesnt leave her side! She also taught Owen how to "eat like a gentlemen", how the heck she taught him how to chew with his mouth closed is beyond me!!! ???!!! But she did! Owen also follows her around everywhere!
    They take Owen camping, to sports games and he just rode on a float in their Centennial parade! Owen was helping to pass out candy!  Every night they have to tuck Owen in and cover him up with his blanket! (Who is trained???)
    They also installed a walk-in shower because Owen LOVES to shower with the family! Westin said the other night Owen was laying on the floor next to him and when he got up to get something, Owen stole his quilt. So, Good piggie Daddy went and got Owens blanket from his room and covered him up. He said he had just started to doze off in his recliner and he felt his quilt being pulled off of him. He woke up and told Owen to knock it off. Owen yanked the quilt down, ran with it, making noise, spun around several times wrapping himself up in the quilt and plopped down on the floor verbalizing his defeat of course! SO, Westin got up and got a different blanket! LOL! 
    Westin had me laughing hysterically with Owens antics and almost in tears for the love that they give to Owen and for everything Owen has brought them.. 

    The Dent's are having some issues with some re-zoning laws... Another person in their town had been causing a ruckus about having horses... long and short of it.. The law was changed, and when Owen was spotted on the float this person caused a problem at the city counsel meeting about it. He couldnt have horses so why can they have a pig? ..  So, hopefully with the help of some Pet therapy organizations we can get Owen certified so he can stay. Otherwise Westin said they will move. He said he told the Police Chief - that the chances of him taking his "son" were slim and never!

    I will keep you updated... I am not sure if a petition will work or not, but we may need the help of our piggie friends for Owen.

    Pickles”, WI

    Just thought you might like to know that Pickles has mixed with our family like he's always lived with us. He loves my two girls and looks for them when they leave. He gets lots of belly rubs and even has started to move our hands over to be petted and rubbed. My oldest daughter rubs him with lotion and then brushes him so he looks forward to that also. His new BFF is our dog Reggie. I am so thankful for him, because he has really showed Pickles the ropes around here. Pickles has never used the litter box, even though its still there, Reggies has showed him to go outside and that is where he has gone from day 1. We couldn't have asked for anything better! The first night he was a teeny-tiny bit noise, but last night he was quiet. The girls had him outside all day yesterday, he follows them everywhere and is just fine without a leash. When he wants to come in, he just comes to the door and oinks! He's so cute!!!


    Another update:
    Pickles is doing great. He has been on several field trips. He's been to the nursing home, where the residents just love him and he loves to go there because he LOVES all the extra treats he finds when he vaccumes the diningroom floor!LOL The one nurse there told me I should of named him Hoover! He's been to baseball games and he's even been camping with us. We just bought a new camper and we weren't sure how he'd be in a different surroundings, but he went to sleep just fine, like he was at home and was quiet all night. He is just one of us, but still hates the whole idea of being picked up. That's really too bad, other than that he's perfect. He knows how to sit, and how to twirl and he comes most of the time when we tell him to come. He still has never used the litter box and will grunt at the door when he needs to go out. I hope that when it comes to winter, he will still go out and not go in our house (on the floor). I'm kind of nervous about that. He's been soooooo good, that I hope nothing ever changes.

    Pickles is doing well, and things are much better around the house. He still has his moments where he is a naughty boy-so he gets into troble. Its usually around 8 p.m., which is his bedtime. Its like he wants to go to bed, and when nobody puts him to bed, then he is going to get our attention so we do put him to bed. He absolutly love it outside, and his face is stuck in the grass from the time he goes out until we call him in. He's so funny!!!

    Oscar, MN
    Oscar is friends to a very special boy, Tre has Autism.

    HI MISTI, I have a pig in my bed. When you said they can jump, you were right. Oscar and Tre had such a fun day. He loves to rub up against tre and cuddle. Oscar loves to chase the boys.

    I just want to thank you for choosing Oscar for us, he is perfect, fun, and lovable.

    Thank You,

    Another update:
    Subject: Oscar

    Thank you so much for Oscar. He is doing great. He is more like one of the brothers. Bryce( my 2yr old) and him go every were together. They play and play with all the kid toys. Oscar knows how to start all the musical ones. Tre takes him to the park with him and helps give him something to talk about.

    Thank you,

    Hi, what is your online address for your business. I am looking for a log futon for the cabin. And I would love a litter box for Oscar. Oscar acts like one of my boys, he is so smart! He gets all excited when we get the party decorations out and oinks like he is sing happy birthday, because he knows cake is comming.
    TinkerBell, MN
    I just wanted you to know she is doing great. She has really settled in and warmed up. There hasn't been one accident since the first day, she plays and goes "hog wild". She lets me pick her up and rolls over so I can scratch her belly. She has been sleeping in her fancy bed the last 4 nights and loves it. This morning my husband and I were laughing so hard as she chased Miss Jasmine the cat across the room, Jas didn't like it but it was funny.
    Have a great day.
    Tiny, SD
    I hope you had a Blessed Easter. I do have pictures of Tiny whenever I figure out how to get them to you---but wanted to let you know he is a love and spoiled rotten. Larry shooos him out of his office---so when Tiny goes in there he tiptoes and is very quiet thinking Larry won't notice him. He snuggles with the dogs, the other day my 2 cats, 2 dogs and Tiny were playing tag---it was this herd of animals running down the hallway---sliding into the wall and all turning around and running the other way---went on for 15 min. It was a hoot!. He has won the hearts of everyone at Ft. Meade.
    VA Black Hills Health Care System
    Molly, PA
    I Have found that she loves salad...I tried it yesterday an she went Oinkers for it! So I used it as a training tool an she can now sit when you ask her to, WOW did she learn fast it only took her a couple of mins. to get it right....

    She likes a tablespoon or two of applesauce with her morning breakfast..an today we tried oatmeal with a bit of applesauce with her feed mix it only is like 1/2 cup worth but she loved it...she ate it off her spoon an was waggin her happy lil piggy tail the whole time...she was so funny before I could ask her to sit she would do a lil hop up an then sit waggin her piggy tail...so so cute....

    Last nite she was getting tired so after her snack at 8:40 she went over to my oldest Paige who was with us all weekend, an climbed between her legs an hopped up on her an snuggled in her arms...it was the cutest thing....Poo was like Mommy look she loves me....

    We knew she wanted to snuggle so we put a blanket down an me an Lee got on the floor with her to give her some baby love before bed time at 9....she rolled over for a big belly rub.

    She has made very good friends with our puppy Fuzzy Butt...they chase one an other around the living room...she loves his tail she cant get enough of it...an he like all the attention she gives him lol...

    Our cat Cooper is still on the fence dont know what to make of Molly he knows its not a cat, or a dog, be he has no clue what the heck this new animal is lol.....
    So he just sits an watches an if Molly goes up to him he runs when he realizes its not the dog lol......

    Molly dont let the run stop her tho she goes up a couple of stairs trying to follow Cooper till we tell her No Molly down stairs.....

    Over all I think she is adjusting well I am over being scared of her sounds an can hold her thur the scream fest an that is getting less an less to as she knows we wont hurt her....

    She goes with us everywhere, her carier is her car seat an she knows if we are all getting shoes on an our sweatshirts were going bub bye,,so she goes an sits near her carier till we say ok Molly want to come an she will go in....its so funny...

    Thanks so much for her...
    We Love her so so much.....

    I would love to start a chat group with her sisters an brothers parents so we could all share our stories about our babies would you happen to have their e-mail address?

    Well I guess Ill say bye for know talk to you soon....
    an Molly sends her love also :o)

    “Porkchop” (female) ,MT

    Your new babies are so cute. As for my new baby she is doing great! She's my little shadow. She knows sit, come, and NO, she is stubborn though and does not like to be told no so she will pout a little. She loves when we scratch her. When we scratch her butt she stretches her back legs out then she falls on her side and closes her eyes (she just loves it). One of her favorite things is broccoli cooked or raw she doesn't care. I want to thank you again for our wonderful addition. I will send photos soon.


    Cooper, MI

    Cooper is funny…figuring out the jealousy factor. He’s still a little cautious with me, being that I was traveling while everyone else was bonding. So…I was hugging my Pug Tauber on the floor and Cooper kept inching closer…like…pet me J So I started petting him, and of course, he quickly flipped over for me to rub his belly. Then it was really funny…he kept inching his body closer and closer (while still on his back) so I could cover more ground. It was a pretty funny site. He is such a character!
    Thanks for such a blessing! We’ll keep in touch J
    Tulum, MN

    Hey Misti Rose- a brief update--Precious and Tulum are sniffing noses and not fighting (!!!!!)- and we can now pet him, and eeven rub his tummy! One touch to his side and he goes PLOP and tretches out--so darling. So maybe this weekend we'll be able to hold him or maybe not--no rush-- he LOVES blueberries-that is what did the trick!
    Millie, RI

    hi misti,
    hope all is well? millie is absolutly wonderful she loves the kids and is a love bug. she jumps up on the bed to cuddle now and she loves to sit on my lap. millie is a muched loved addition to our family. i will send some pics as soon as my camera is fixed. she also is learning some new tricks she sits lays down and gives me her foot.
    thanks again
    PorkChop (male), MN

    Brittany 'Wilson' Rollins Our Porkchop is doing so good! He is fully potty trained to go outside, and leash trained. We started by walking around the yard, then lastnight he went on his first family walk around town :) He's such a lovable pig and loves the kids. He loves bananas, apples and strawberries! I'll keep you posted with Porkchops milestones.

    Stella, MN

    Hello! Sorry I didn't call. It was a busy night!! Betwee the mini horse and mini mule baby, and stella, we had a big evening!!! Stella has settled in so far so good. She's went potty outside! And she doesn't seem to mind Dalton (the youngest boy) and he's a lot of child sometimes. She's eating and drinking well!! She had some snacks on the way home! She slept in my little sisters lap on the way home! My dog is still getting used to her! She's currently learning the house! We are doing one thing at a time, as far as introducing the animals. First the dog, tomorrow we'll do the cats, they are outside right now. And they spend a lot of time outdoors anyway. So I'm not terribly worried about them. They are outside mice catchers. She really seemed to bond with my little sister on the way home. But so far so good!!!
    Gia, MN

    She has been so so wonderful and is such good girl!
    She hasn't been having any accidents and she warmed up to us both so well.
    Loves her belly rubbed and cuddling! and what a personality she has!
    We love her so very much. Thank you!
    Yes she is SO great she already knows how to "stay" and what "no" means and comes to her name and knows what "go potty" means. I did change it because I already had a name picked out before I knew her name was lily. She is now "Gia".


    Lacey, WI

    she is doing sooooo good!! haha i sleep with her on the floor every night because i dont want her to jump off the bed and break her legs. right now she's outside and having a blast!! and we are just getting ready to go to Menards to make her a better pen outside..she got used to people and is such a lover!! i can pick her up without her screaming, and i introduced her to the rest of the house yesterday, she stayed by me the whole time because she was a little scared, but shes getting used to it. its so funny watching her follow me around!! whenever i sit on the floor she comes right to me and sits on my lap haha,, but i gotta go to menards i'll email some pictures soon!!


    Zia/ WI

    Thank you again Misti

    We've been calling her Zia actually, and she is doing so well
    She sleeps in my bed, it's so nice that she sleeps through the night
    we've been feeding her cheese which she apparently loves
    there are some potty accidents but we haven't really been using the litter box much we have it out but she goes outside every few hours
    our golden retriever, Nala, loves Zia and actually she has taken on a mom kind of role, they are very funny together. Zia likes to pull at her hair and nap over her legs and Nala doesn't seem to mind.
    I've had a lot of people over to see her and she does well she is still a little scared of new people but that is expected
    over the fourth she came with us to door county and we stayed in a pet friendly hotel everyone thought she was the most adorable thing, everyone was taking pictures and she did really well


    Fiona, MN

    Misti, Fiona is doing great. She has a home next to the puppy, he was a little too playful for her. They have a fence between them now and I put them together and supervise them. She had a wood tick and didn't like when I picked her up to take it off. Can pigs use frontline or something? She is eating well and is a champ at using her litter pan. She loves having her tummy scratched. She has a soft kennel in an indoor area and a small doggy bed in a covered out door area that she has access to. She loves to play with doggy toys. She is so cute and smart. She wags her tail whenever I say her name. I will be bringing her inside the house when she is comfortable with us. each of my girls spend time with her. The set up here is a heated barn (it used to be a boarding kennel for dogs and so there is a 4 by 4 indoor area which is nice because it is very cool during the day and it's a great escape from mosquitoes and flies. A plexiglass door is lifted open and she can walk out into a 4 by 12 foot run that is also covered but open to the outside. She can see the horses and other dogs from her out door run. Today I started constructing a larger pen that she can walk out into from her run...she'll have grass to lay and walk on and she can dig if she feels like it. The puppy's door will open into the same pen. I'll bring her inside now that I know she is so good using her litter box. I just wasn't sure. She is doing great. I love her. Question: the puppy loves to eat her poop! Do your dogs like piggie poop? strange. How much of the grain does she eat a day? Thanks for Fiona, Annie

    Another update:
    Misti, Fiona is really warming up to me. I found her curled up napping with the puppy yesterday, i almost cried. They were so cute. She loves cantalope and trail mix with dry fruits. She even litter trained the puppy. I think that's just amazing.
    How old should she be when I have her spayed? Is that what you call it for pigs? Anyway, she is doing just great...getting bigger every day. Thanks for Fiona, Annie


    Lucy, WI

    She is doing great. She will not go in the litter box. We were so worried - finally set up a pen for outside - our collar and lease did not fit. when we brought her out with in seconds she went both pee and poop. She had been holding it for 36 hours. Poor thing. Now she goes out side everytime with out a accident. Getting along so great with the kids. She is truely loved. Thanks so much. Right now she is laying in her fancy bed and loving life. We went shopping with her today and got her a new lease and collar and she caught on with in minutes. She is so smart.
    Thanks again.


    Penelope, AZ

    Day 4

    She's still a little "skid dish" around people. Not snuggly yet, but we aren't forcing her. She comes to us to eat treats out of our hand and "accidentally jumps up on the bed if she doesn'ty know someone is in it. :o)
    She's adorable and perfect and doing great. I don't imagine a more loved family member.
    Thank you!
    Calvin, MN

    He is soooo sweet and getting along beautifully. He is on speaking terms with Lacie (rat terrior) and Miss Jasmine and Miss Sunshine (sister cats). We all love him!
    You can see in the picture where he is trying to climb into Grace's laundry basket that he has begun to gain a little weight—actually it makes him look a bit bigger than he is.
    He lets me hold him and kiss him and has a very bubbly personality! A joy.

    Jennifer *****

    Mia, MN
    Mia is adorable. I have posted 2 videos on Facebook, but have problems uploading the bigger videos. I've posted a couple pics as well. If anyone wants to be friends on FB - I'm "Lori West" . She loves running and jumping - doing 180's up in the air. It's a hoot! I found out she LOVES pizza and pasta. Wouldn't leave me and Bill alone while we were eating even though she already had supper. I gave her just a couple nibbles - who could resist? The cat loves her! Won't leave her alone. They love playing together, sometimes they'll even lay together just after a week of being together. I caught Mia eating the cat's food - I hope that's okay, so Misti Rose, let me know. Also, the cat likes to get in Mia's water and I was wondering if that is okay as well. I don't like the cat getting into Mia's water because there's a residue that collects in her own dish that is really gross. Anyway....let me know. Some of you may know or not know that I didn't tell my bf that I was getting a piggie. I know him (been with him 10 years. I knew he would love Mia. He does. He even gives her kisses - did that on the 2nd or 3rd day. Mia is so darn cute and I love her! Thanks, Misti Rose! I could go on and on. Mia is so cute and I can't wait to show her off.

    **** CAT FOOD IS NOT OK******************


    Milo, MN

    Hi Misti! Milo is doing super!! he is adjusting well and fitting into our family great!! He is a doll, I can see how he was hard to see leave your nest : ) I will send some pics very soon!! He loves to sleep by the heater in his room on his big bed!!! He is enjoying his cereal but is eating the mix also...last night he even had salmon!! and today he is trying lettuce,oranges and grapes....liking all of them!!! What a cutie!! we can't thank you enough!!! What a Love!!! Talk soon : ) Robin

    (after less than 2 weeks)
    He is a little lover...he tried to get my earing out today!!! love his little lips : ) He has mastered the sit command!!! Thank you!!! Robin

    Milo has since learned how to do many tricks.. including how to drink out of a straw! The kids give him a juice box!


    Baby Charlie, MN

    Hey Misti,
    I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are for Charlie! He is so amazing...we love him so much. The dogs love him too!
    We didn't sleep through the entire night...but he is such a lover! (day 1)
    Thanks again for everything...and whenever you are in the cities, please stop by!!
    (day 2)Hi Mist,
    Last night was awesome! He slept through the entire night--you were right! We didn't get up with him and i gave him a little warm milk before bed. He is SOOO good using his potty box--he hasn't had one accident--he is so smart!
    So, last night after we got off of the phone, Charlie was in his baby bed with his heating pad. We had him up in bed, but he wouldnt sit still, so i tucked him in his bed. He didn't like that...he did one lap around the room...ran up Riley's (our terrier-mix) stairs and leaped into bed between me and Rick! He is sooo funny! He snuggled in and slept the entire night!
    So, Rick and I would love to go to your friend's benefit...but i don't seem to have the invite. Could you resend it? It will be fun to see you and share more pictures and stories!
    Rick should be sending you pics soon!
    Thanks Again!!
    Katie (and Charlie)

    Oh yes, he has us trained!! For Sure! LOL! I couldn't believe that he was so fast and could leap so high...talk about when pigs fly!! ?

    Charles in charge
    Misti Rose,

    This is Rick, Katies husband. want to thank you for raising charlie to
    where he is now. It was obvious that it was hard for you to give him
    up and that tells us that he came from a loving home and person. From
    talking to Katie after your phone call last night we both want to
    extend a invatation to you to visit Charlie any time you are in the
    cities. Please feel free to call and we can tell you how to get to our
    I have a bunch of pictures I can send if you want more. I even have
    video too. The thing with the video is that it dosent play on all real
    players. It's taken with my iPhone and depends on your version of
    realplayer you have if you can open it.
    Katie told me about the benefit for your friend in white bear lake. I
    hope she is doing well and we will be there to show support and to
    catch up over drinks. We also would like to refer you to some friends
    that we have that are thinking about becoming pig parents. I hope
    that's cool.
    Thank you again for everying. I want to stress to that we are serious
    about stoping by when you are in the cities. We know that Charlie was
    your buddy. So don't feel like you are imposing. Let me know if you
    want more pictures and I will send you that video.

    Thanks again
    Rick Blaul

    Amelia, MN
    (second piggy they have gotten from me)

    (day 3) Hammie & Amelia, they're finally starting to get along. Yesterday I leveled the playing field just a bit by bringing my chocolate lab into the equation. This helped Hammie be more timmed and she became more friendly to the Idea of having another pig in the mix. Now they like to play with one another and its fun to watch. We will still keep them apart at night for a few more times, but this I hope will let Hammie except Amelia into her sleeping area where her toys are.

    (day 4) Well, the day has finally came where the girls no longer fight. They seam happy. They have started snuggling up against each other under the covers when they sleep. This will be the fittest night together and it looks promising. Well that's the good new on our end. We have also noticed that she is fighting for her independence from us a little where she would rather come to us verse us go to her. She would rather have her time on her schedule verses the other way around. We give them there space at times,but also let them known our time will be theres also. Well I will let u go for now and we will catch up to u next week.=


    Eddie, MN

    Brody (Eddie, as we now call him) is doing well. He seemed to be having a rough time adjusting and is getting there. He likes to explore and is doing a fantastic job with his litter box. He does scream a lot yet- if we pick him up to carry him to his bed he has an absolute tantrum (basically anytime we pick him up he has a fit until he is good and ready to quit). Also, he doesn't seem to like it when we put the lotion on him. Do you have any helpful hints for us? We are giving him the cereal you recommended as a treat and he seems to respond well to that. He also loves to snuggle with us and get his belly rubbed.

    Well, the more you pick him up the more he will get used to it. If you are uneasy he feels that.
    Make sure the lotion is WARM!!! I assure you he loved his lotion rubs! Put some on your hands and start rubbing his belly.
    Try different treats, grapes, craisins, fruit, veggies, cheerios,...

    Oh boy- I'll bet that is it- I need to warm up the lotion in my hands first!! He is such a doll- he loves to give kisses and follow my husband into the kitchen (he is constantly dropping crumbs!). We will try out some more treats! Thank you! He is quite the character and is very much loved by all who meet him! We have been giving new visitors a "snack bag" when they get in the house to present him with treats - he LOVES it!

    MIA, MN

    "Misti Rose...thank you so much for bringing them darling "little" baby into our lives.  We love her so much.  She has brought so much joy to many while on our trip and she is sooooo loved!"


    "THE PA 5"



    The Pennsylvania 4, became 5 after a transport gone awry. It is a long story, but basically it showed the true character of the piggie parent to be and well... another long story... it truly made me question their ability to raise Mr Yoinkers. SO, Steph and Cindy who did not really want to give him up to begin with, were more than happy to adopt Mr. Yoinkers as well. Given the situation I could not in good conscience send Mr. Yoinkers to New York.
    The PA 5 consists of, My baby boy Tiny(Tiny Lord Boston), Rosie Muldoon, Sean O'keefe, Blue Sky and Mr. Yoinkers.
    For those that did not follow the story of Tiny, he was a very ill tiny, (hence his name) runt. There were many times I thought I would lose this little frail one. He certainly taught me a lot about the will to live. He had numerous idiopathic illnesses. Therefore,  he went everywhere with me! He was a well traveled little boy! Going to Country music festivals, boating, we protested a Hog Roast, Log Home show... and every where that I went. He as been to the following states: MN, ND, WI, IA, MO, IN, IL, KY, TN, OH and now resides in PA. He pulled through his illness and is a strong little boy. He is certainly too big for his britches being only 1/3 of the size of his litter mates. I miss My Tiny dearly, but I know that I found him amazing parents and a wonderful loving home.
    Here are several correspondences...

    <<Just checking in to make sure you are okay. Allot has happened over the last few days; not everyone could have handled the situations that you did, let alone with the compassion and dignity you showed. Both Cindy and I admire you as a person, an animal caretaker and advocate, and a business person.

    All the babies are well. Everyone came out of their hiding spots today and enjoyed hard boiled egg, cereal and fruit, and a whole lot of loving. I held Blue Sky for the first time. I have a stuffed blue recliner and each baby goes to sleep when I rock them back and forth. I am amazed how quickly they settle in after the initial 'bluster.'

    Each has their own individual personality, gurgle and expression. We are anxious to see how the babies change and develop over the years to come.

    Cindy changed Mr. Oinker's name to Mr. Yoinkers officially. She says it's more him. He must agree with it because he responds. Tiny loves to stand in his food...that is, when he is not tipping it over. It seems that the babies love to play with their bowls no matter how heavy the crockery.

    We will be seeing the housecall vet on Tuesday. I will discuss plans for neutering Tiny and taking care of his little hernia at the same time. I will, of course, give you updates on everyone after the doctor leaves.

    Well, it's dinnertime and I hear my name being called. Talk with you later my friend.>>>>>>

    <<<<Blue Skye is a sweetheart and is very protective of Rosie. They share their food and water bowls with nary a quarrel between them.

    Tiny, your baby and mine, has figured out that if he picks a fight with either Sean or Yoinkers, I will rush in to separate him by lifting him up and holding him. He then gives 'me' a short protesting squeal and promptly falls asleep on my shoulder. I don't even need to rock him anymore. His teeth may still be coming in, but his nose is hard as a rock. He sticks either his nose or hoof into my neck, mumbles a few words and starts to snore. All this with a smile on his face:)

    Mr.Yoinkers loves to eat especially his treats. He fancies himself king of the hill...at least, until Tiny gives him what for. He loves to empty his food dish onto the floor and Rosie loves empty her water bowl. Oh what fun...

    I held Sean while the doctor examined him. I thought things were going great until I heard plop, plop, goes the poop and trinkle, trinkle goes the urine. I know he felt better for having protested the examination that way because he was laughing. I, on the hand, took a look at my sneaks...that's a whole other story.

    The babies have taken over the kitchen. They are in need of baths but I wanted to give them a chance to settle in and get to know us first. I think the time has come though because they love to sleep in their litter boxes...unfortunately for us. No matter how many times we clean their boxes, they manage to soil them as soon as they are cleaned. Then, the babies move the soiled part out of the way and settle in for a nice, long snooze. Tough day at the office, you know.

    Anyway, thought I'd give you an update after their doctor appointments. We truly adore all the babies and wish more people could share in the love they give. Talk with you again soon. I'm off to the kitchen to give them their final tuck-in of the night.>>>>>>>>
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